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Click to enlargeHEART'S DESIRE

“There are two tragedies in life.
One is not to get your heart’s desire.
The other is to gain it.” (2014)

OBJECT: Remove heart.

Category: Difficult/Complex

(Display stands available separately -see "Accessories")


Click to enlargeHeart's Desire with Gift WrapGift wrap is a colorful fabric bag (reusable and made in USA).

Click to enlargePersonalized Heart's DesireAdd a name or date to your puzzle. IMPORTANT NOTE: 10 letters and spaces. We can fit approximately 5 letters on a side, with a little flexibilty. Please call if you have questions. Capital block letters and numerals only, and period, dash, dot, and ampersand.

Personalization (10 letters/spaces - SEE IMPORTANT NOTE). Type personalization in box, then click add to cart.:
Heart's Desire personalized and gift wrapped
Personalization (10 letters/spaces). Type personalization in box, then click add to cart.:
2014 Limited Edition Heart's Desire w/stand2014 Limited Edition Heart's Desire w/standEach limited edition HEART'S DESIRE is numbered xxx/500 and signed by blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky with his benchmark. Optional personalization available.
Click on the image for more detailed information.


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