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Click to enlargeNo Connections

No Connections is an interesting and popular puzzle. Goal: Arrange the pegs #1-8 such that no consecutive numbers touch on any connecting line: 1 cannot connect with 2; 2 cannot connect with 3 or 4; 5 cannot connect with 4 or 6; etc...

It may look easy, but it's not! Only 1 possible solution.

The idea for it came from Martin Gardner’s book: The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems, 2006. Here are a few excerpts “This perplexing digit problem, inventor unknown, was passed on to me by L. Vosburg Lyons of New York City (February 1962).... There is only 1 solution but if you try to find it without a logical procedure, the task will be difficult.... A digital computer running through all possible permutations of the digits finds 40,320 different arrangements possible.”

All hardwood construction. The numbers are laser engraved, not inked, so they will last indefinitely. Comes with base and cover. Approximately 6.5" square, with cover.

Made in Spring Hill, Florida by Creative Crafthouse.


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