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Picture Frame Packing Puzzles

Beautiful and intriging, these Picture Frame packing puzzles are much harder than they look. The object of each is to fit all the pieces back into the frame.

Puzzle frames are approximately 7 inches square; pieces vary in number and size, and are made from assorted hardwoods. Different themes make them perfect for special gifts.

Dinosaurs DilemmaDinosaurs DilemmaArtistic and challenging. There are 8 dinosaurs that must fit into the square space. If you never saw it solved, 30 minutes would be a good solution time. The dino creatures are approx 1/4'' thick and there will be at least 4 different woods used. The woods will vary in each puzzle. There may be oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, alder, teak, or some other exotics. Puzzle measures 7'' square in the base. (This design does not include a cover.)

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CIGAR LOVERS PUZZLECIGAR LOVERS PUZZLECigar Lovers Puzzle - Wood & Acrylic Artistic & Challenging Brain Teaser

Dimensions: 7x7x1''

A beautiful and very challenging challenging puzzle. Can you fit all 13 pieces into the frame? Pieces are precision cut from 1/4 thick Walnut, Cherry, and maple. If you have not seen it solved, a good solution time would be about as long as a fine rolled Churchill followed by a robusto! Puzzle measures about 7 x 7 in base and cover.

Regular price: 29.95Sale price: 19.47
Yoga PuzzleYoga PuzzlePerhaps more difficult than the Lotus headstand pose; your goal is to place all the pieces in the frame. Features 13 Yoga poses, a netti pot, floor mat, Yoga Ball, and of course.... Veggies! Hardwood pieces 1/4 thick are precision cut and laser engraved. At least 5 different hardwoods are used in the pieces. To make sure you are well challenged, the puzzle is packaged unsolved. (written solution is included).

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ccyogaRegular price: 27.95Sale price: 18.17
Orchestra Pit Packing PuzzleOrchestra Pit Packing PuzzlePerhaps the most difficult as well as the most beautiful of all of our picture frame puzzles. 13 different instruments which may be found on an orchestra pit. Instruments are: Violin, Cello, Bass, Oboe, French Horn, Xylophone, Timpani, Drum, Sax, Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, & Harp. Precision cut with fine details from at least 4 different hardwoods which may include Maple, Ash, Cherry, Red Grandis, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, & Yellow Birch. Each one will be a little different as hardwoods vary in each. Includes a wood cover.

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Cat Lover's PuzzleCat Lover's Puzzle12 cats and a mouse must be placed within the frame. An artistic and very challenging puzzle. At least 4 different hardwoods, 1/4 thick, are used in each puzzle. The pieces are precision cut and laser etched. Types of cats represented are: Maine Coon, Korat, Kao Manee, California Spangled, Nebelung, Bengal, British Shorthair, Aegean, Persian, Peterbald, and some kittens. Also a lone mouse, poor little fella... Comes with base and cover and a written solution.

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cccatRegular price: 29.00Sale price: 18.85
Baseball Fanatic PuzzleBaseball Fanatic PuzzleTougher than hitting a homerun? Can you insert the 17 pieces into the frame? The pieces are precision laser cut and engraved from 1/4" thick hardwoods, with the field of dreams from acrylic. Items within the puzzle include a glove, bat (from ash just like real bats), shoes, baserunner sliding, batter hitting, pitchers arm, umpire, catcher's mask, home plate, Field of Dreams, 2 baseballs, and a hot dog and a pretzel:) Woods used include cherry, maple and ash. The puzzle measures 7 x 7" in the base and cover. The name of the puzzle is laser engraved on the cover. An original Creative Crafthouse design made in Florida. Graphics by Alexandra Plummer of Spring Hill, FL.

ccbaseballRegular price: 29.95Sale price: 19.47
Football Fanatics PuzzleFootball Fanatics PuzzleMay be more difficult than a touchdown pass; can you get all the pieces into the frame? An original and challenging 16 piece puzzle created using at least 5 different types of wood. The woods are thick and all precision laser cut and engraved. Each puzzle will have its own look as we mix up the wood varieties. Measures about 7 x 7 in the frame. Items included in the design include players in various positions, Referee, whistle, 2 Footballs, Cheerleader, Playboard, Shirt, Scoreboard, Helmet, Cleats, & Shoulder Pads An original Creative Crafthouse design, Made in USA - artwork by Alexandra Plummer.

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Cook's Cupboard PuzzleCook's Cupboard PuzzleCook's Cupboard Puzzle - Kitchen items need to be put away. Once you take out the 11 items, you must put them back. Can you do it?

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Cats & Dogs RoundupCats & Dogs RoundupSold Out

Flower Garden - Florist's ChallengeFlower Garden - Florist's ChallengeSold Out

Wine Lovers PuzzleWine Lovers PuzzleBeautiful to look at, and hard to solve. Can you fit the 10 pieces back into the frame? This beautiful puzzle comes with a wood cover.

Sold Out

cc-wineRegular price: 25.95Sale price: 16.87
Community Heros - PoliceCommunity Heros - PoliceA complex 13 piece puzzle combining both art and craftsmanship.

This is a difficult puzzle with a good solution of 2+ hours assuming you have not seen it solved. Pieces in the puzzle are: burglar with money bag, burglar in jail, Police car, Motorcycle cop, Policeman, Handcuffs, Scales of Justice, baton, Policeman on horse, Badge, Cap, Police Dog, Revolver.

Comes with a wood cover.

Sold Out

Community Heros - FirefightersCommunity Heros - FirefightersA complex 12 piece puzzle combining both art and craftsmanship. Good solution time without having first seen the puzzle solved would be 2 hours.

Comes with a wood cover.

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cc-fireRegular price: 29.95Sale price: 19.47

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